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We are a proud sponsor of Rome's Ultimate Free Walks -Our latest initiative that will get you acquainted with the "B Side" of town... The tour meets twice a day  in front of the Porta del Popolo (Flaminian Gate) next to Piazza del Popolo! Click  on the banner above for further info or go to

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St Andrew's OPEN MIC Night

30 November 2017

Another big Thursday on our calendar this year. Don't miss out on the ultimate festivities dedicated to the Scottish patron saint. Whether you are Scottish or not, whether you are an artist or just like good food or some proper drinks ... and if you happen to be in Rome on November 30th. There is one place in town where things will be getting off the hook. 

We will be open from 4 pm with all the smashing deals. Irn Bru based cocktails, buckfast and bucky bombs will be on sale. Our humble Scottish aperitivo will be on from 6 pm till 8 pm - haggis and Scottish short bread will spice your evening up. 

Open Bar as usual from 10 to 11 pm in case you opt to bring it to the next level... But then from 11 pm on the MIC will be OPEN as well. 

This one goes to all of you who got some talent. Don't miss out on the occasion and get involved in the action. Musicians, singers, actors and actresses.... All of you are welcome. And all fo you will be getting FREE BOOZE if you get up on stage.

Do it!


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