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  1. Rugby World Cup Final 2015

    31 October 2015

UEFA Champions League - all the major clashes live at The Highlander:

UEFA Champions League - all the major clashes live at The Highlander

The most intense club football tournament is fully featured on the screens of The Highlander Pub! We are probably the only pub in Rome that can broadcast up to 6 games from UEFA Champions League simultaneously! Click on the banner above to find out the schedule of the upcoming matches!

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Highlander is one of the few pubs in Rome where you can find excellent pub food as well as a large menu of drinks and beers! Our beer selection goes through the authentic Scottish Tennent's (one of the best lagers you can ever taste) and the Tennent's IPA. The pub theme will be almost nothing without the famous Guinness - obviously we have that on draught! The big beer fans can count on Newcastle Brown Ale - not quite common for Rome! We have the Belgian Grimbergen! And then our draught beer collection is completed by the local Poretti (a very very good lager beer produced in the North of Italy). On draught we also sell Strongbow cider but the classy cider choice is introduced by Bulmers in a bottle. Bulmers is sold in bottles together with Peroni, Corona and Tennent's!

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Drinkwise... we also have a large selection of whiskeys but Highlander is where you can get the best mojitos and long islands in town. Guaranteed!