We are hosting our traditional Rabbie Burns Night on Wednesday, January 25th.

The event will be officially launched at 7 pm with our Scottish-flavoured aperitivo, our Piper and Dummer from Border Line will be playing a few tunes, and then we will have our Rabbie Burns Poetry readings and to finish off the evening with our Scottish trivia night.

The dress code is TARTAN - So, please, make an effort and put your tartan outfits on!

Those who show up dressed in tartan clothing will get a free shot of Drambuie!

Haggis, mince and tatties will be served.

Whisky will be drunk.

Finish off the evening with Our All About Scotland Quiz

Round 1: Scotland General Knowledge Trivia

Round 2: Scottish culture Trivia

Round 3: Music, Books, Movies & TV Shows in Scotland Questions

Round 4: Scotland Geography Quiz

Round 5: Scotland History Quiz

Round 6: Scottish Music.