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St. Patrick's Celebrations at Highlander Pub Rome - March 14-20, 2011

20 March 2011

St. Patrick's 2011 Celebrations in RomeLadies and Gents,

We have been honourable towards many important days on the calendar through the year but this one is a real special one... We might be Scottish but we love our cousins the Irish and we will be giving them the proper credits for their patron's holiday! In the end they have invented the biggest drinking event in the history of the world and there are barely any arguments about that!!!

Highlander Pub will be hosting a series of venues starting from Monday, March 14th and concluding on Sunday, March 20th. All of you who visit us through that week will be able to enjoy some tasty specials and will get a chance to earn a really memorable t-shirt souvenir!!!

Here are our best offers in terms of material benefits, and they are valid through the whole week from March 14 to March 20:

Baby Guinnes Shots - 3 Euro each!!!

Irish Car Bombs - 4 Euro each

Happy Hour every night from 9 pm until 10 pm - beer and wine unlimited for only 10 Euro

Every 4 pints of our draught beers secure you our special edittion St. Patrick's T-shirts

Those deals go through the whole week but we need to highlight 3 major appointments:

On Monday, March 14th 2011 we will host our traditional Super Monday venue but certainly we will use the occasion to introduce you to the hasty week of St. Paddy's madness, coinciding with the March Madness... can't get any better than this!!! You know the unbeatable bargains we have on Mondays, we give you wings for sure but again: Jagerbombs are at 3 Euro, Vodka + Red Bull = 4 Euro, a glass of sangria is 3 Euro and the poretti pitchers are 10 Euro each. All this will be accompanied with some beer pong challenge and sound of the legendary DJ Aimè....

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011 - St. Patrick's Eve. Our friends from The Shire are back to Highlander and will entertain us with the authentic tunes from the Celtic Lands. This will be our major warm up before the big day the comes next on Thursday.... Bear in mind that the second leg from the last 16 round of the Champions League will be on that night and Real Madrid are hosting Lyon. There will be plenty of people who will come to the bar for different reasons. This only means reservations are strongly recommended!St. Patrick's Pub Marathon in Rome 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011 - St. Patrick's Day. Highlander will be open from 11 am. This year March 17th was detemined by the Italian president as a National Holiday... Haha, the Italians finally got the necessary update and included officially St. Patrick's on their calendar!!! Leaving the jokes aside it is actually true that March 17th is holiday in Italy. But only this year! And it is dedicated to 150th anniversary of creation of The State of Italy!!! It cannot get more favourable than this!!! Too many excuses to celebrate at the same time... for futher and more detailed on the Marathon you can click in the banner to the right!!!And we will be more than ready! We will have 3 happy hours through the day:

from midday till 1 pm, from 4 pm till 5 pm and from 8 pm until 9 pm - beer and wine unlimted for only 10 Euro!

In the last 3 years Highlander has been the opening bar of the traditional St. Patrick's Pub Marathon 12 bars in 12 hours, organized by Best of Rome and Rome's Ulmate Party!!! This year The Marathon will be still on but modified a bit and will challenge your sense of orientation!!! You won't be guided to the pubs - you will have to find those on your own. Your goal is to get a pint in every bar on the itinerary and together with the pint you will pick up a voucher as a proof that you have been there! Those of you who collect all 12 vouchers will participate in the lottery for the grand prize of the day - a trip to Dublin - all inclusive - transportation and accommodation!!! The fee to participate in the Marathon is 15 Euro that gives you open bar of beer and wine  for 1 hour in any of the brackets above plus the special edition St. Paddy's Pub Marathon T-shirt!!! Certainly, to jump on the marathon you will have to pass by Highlander first, sign in and get your bracelet. Then you start the game - seek and find!!! All bars will be in the Historical Centre of Rome and they will be posted separately before March 17th!

The Lottery will take place at Highlander at 11 pm! Immediately after the lottery most of our customers (or at least those who will be up for some dancing)  will be directed the most happening club in town that night - Skybar. The admission to the club is included for everyone who will have done The Pub Marathon or at least one of our happy hours!!!

Lots of stuff will be going on next week but here the summed up deal of all the venues:

 St. Patrick's 2011 Celebrations in Rome - the deals and the schedule



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