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  1. Rugby World Cup Final 2015

    31 October 2015

The NFL and the College Football live on our screens

Highlander Pub is your ultimate home of American Sports in Rome! The season in The NFL & The NCAA College Basketball and 
 NBA & NHL PLAYOFFS.  are fully featured! MLB is also available upon request! Click on the banner above to see the schedule of all the games that will be broadcasted live at our bar!

The Ultimate Ladies Night

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On Tuesdays the Highlander hosts the most Ultimate Ladies Night in town! Get involved in the hottest action starting at our homebase in downtown Rome! Open Bar + Pizza + Free admission to a club + Souvenir T-shirt. Get your tickets below:

Book Now!

Happy Hour/Open Bar is €25, ladies pay only €20. This fee includes UNLIMITED beer, wine and mixed drinks from 10pm to 11pm, Roman pizza buffet to fuel up and free entry to the most happening club in the very heart of Rome.

A Free Cosmopolitan cocktail for all the ladies joining our Tuesday Bash!

Secure your spot on our ladies night bash making a BOOKING/RESERVATION online and claim an extra SHOT at the bar and get your free souvenir t-shirt at our office (Via dei Serpenti 89) daily 11am – 7pm - ONLY FOR THE EARLY BIRDS

Is it your Birthday? You go in for FREE, bring an ID to prove it!
Celebrate your birthday at the Highlander pub Rome!