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  1. Rugby World Cup Final 2015

    31 October 2015

All major sports events liveCheck what's on at The Highlander screens tonight! Come and back your team up! Skip the Trevi and have a "bevi" with us!

Thirsty  Thursday College Night

We have plenty of experience at Highlander  in organising student parties! In particular Thursday night is the one not to be missed! 

If you look at the menu on the left you will see a few cocktails and long drinks listed - all those are at 5 Euro  each from 9 pm until midnight!

Additionally our student menu entitles you to 2 Carlsberg beers for 5 Euro, 3 Euro Jagerbombs and if you feel like playing some beer pong you can purchase a pitcher of Poretti for just 12 Euro!

Don't forget that you can always come in even earlier and join the launching of the ultimate bar hop with the  POWER HOUR starting 10 pm until 11 pm. That one goes for 20 Euro but includes another bar on the road before our party is concluded at a club downtown Rome.

All these unbeatable deals are complimented by the best music in town, drinking games and beer pong. Special edition Beer Pong Champion t-shirts will be granted to the winners! 


Bookings are not necessary unless you show up in a big group over 10 people! Then email us at to secure your VIP treatment! Do it!  

Your Ultimate Night Out in Rome