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  1. Rugby World Cup Final 2015

    31 October 2015

Your Ultimate Night Out in Rome

Your Ultimate Night Out in The Eternal City - powered and hosted by the Highlander Pub

The NFL and the College Football live on our screens

Highlander Pub is your ultimate home of American Sports in Rome! The season in The NFL & The NCAA College Basketball and 
 NBA & NHL PLAYOFFS.  are fully featured! MLB is also available upon request! Click on the banner above to see the schedule of all the games that will be broadcasted live at our bar!

The British & Irish Lions Tour in New Zealand 2017

On - Saturday, July 1st and Saturday, July 8th the Highlander will be open from 9 am. A very good reason for that - it's the British & Irish Lions tour in New Zealand. The first Saturday already passed and the mighty All Blacks pretty much demolished the Lions if you look at the score... Though, the All Star Team of Britain & Ireland missed a few oppotunities to put New Zealand under pressure. The next two Saturdays are the peak of the Lions' tour . The real deal. The Lions have been there for a month already and played a few matches with a few local Kiwi formations but now things are quite straight forward. The the Lions are playing against the best rugby team in the world - the invincible All Blacks, the world champions from the last two editions of the Rugby World Cup. No doubg it will be heated...

That is all about the rugby... The other big highlight of Saturday, July 1st is our Canada Day 2017 Bash. We will be shaping it up through the whole day with smashing offers "Canadian style" but the culmination of the festivities will start at 10 pm. That's when we launch our Happy Hour/Open Bar for the major pregame. 

All of you who join us on this special day will jet by our PARTY BOOZE BUS to the biggest outdoor club in town. Wanna jump on board? Click on the banner below to check out all the details and secure your spot! 



Canada Day Bash 2017 hosted by the Highlander