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    31 October 2015

Proud Sponsor of Rome's Ultimate Free Walks

We are a proud sponsor of Rome's Ultimate Free Walks -Our latest initiative that will get you acquainted with the "B Side" of town... The tour meets twice a day  in front of the Porta del Popolo (Flaminian Gate) next to Piazza del Popolo! Click  on the banner above for further info or go to

Freaky Friday on the Hip Hop Ship


Freaky Freaky Friday on the Hip Hop Ship

This upcoming Friday, June 30th will be bangin'... The best way to conclude the month and warm up for the massive Canada Day Festitivites the next day! 

You better bring up your sailors/pirates gears and join us for the major pregame at the Highlander from 9 pm on. 

Happy Hour/Open Bar is from 10 to 11 pm 

Our Beer Pong tables are available and maybe a tournament from 10 pm. 

More drinking games and body shots after the end of the Happy Hour...

Jetting to the the Hip Hop Ship after midnight. 

25 Euro to attend the Open Bar with the admission to the BOAT PARTY

15 Euro if you don't feel like drinking but with a drink of choice and an entry on the board the HIP HOP SHIP

Dress like a sailor/pirate and get hooked up with an extra drink of choice! Do it!

Your Sincerely,

The Party Planner aka the Captain

Get on Board

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