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  1. Ausralia Day Bash 2014

    26 January 2014

American Football Live at HighlanderHighlander Pub is your ultimate home of American Sports in Rome! The season in The NFL & The NCAA College Football are fully featured! MLB is also available upon request! You can  click on the banner above to see the schedule of all the American Football games that will be broadcasted live at our bar!

UEFA Champions League - all the major clashes live at The Highlander:

UEFA Champions League - all the major clashes live at The Highlander

The most intense club football tournament is fully featured on the screens of The Highlander Pub! We are probably the only pub in Rome that can broadcast up to 6 games from UEFA Champions League simultaneously! Click on the banner above to find out the schedule of the upcoming matches!

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Ladies and Gents,

We have restricted the access to some of our galleries! Well, the ones from our special events at least! If you have been part of any  venue that has limited photo access and you would like to see all the pictures just email us at


  1. Feb_21

    The Ultimate Scottish weekend day 1

    21 February 2014
    February 21 2014
  2. Feb_14

    St.Valentine's Traffic Light Party

    14 February 2014
    February 14 2014
  3. Feb_06

    February 6 2014

    6 February 2014
    Thursday Night at Highlander Pub
  4. Feb_03

    Monday Funday Beer Pong

    3 February 2014
    February 3 2014
  5. Feb_02

    Super Bowl Bash 2014

    2 February 2014
    Broncos vs Seahawks
  6. Jan_25

    Robert Burns Night

    25 January 2014
  7. Jan_21

    January 22 2014

    22 January 2014
    Party at The Highlander Pub
  8. Jan_19

    Broncos owning it

    19 January 2014
    Sunday Funday at The Highlander
  9. Jan_02

    January 02 2014

    2 January 2014
    Beer Pong at The Highlander Pub
  10. December31

    New Year's Eve 2014

    31 December 2013
    New Year's Eve at The Highlander Pub Rome
  11. December26

    December 26 2013

    26 December 2013
    Boxing Day 2013
  12. Img_2394

    Christmas Concert 2013

    25 December 2013
    Christmas Concert live at The Highlander Pub