Ladies & Gents,

We are happy to introduce the 'Aperitivo' concept at the Highlander. Every day from Monday to Friday between 6pm and 8pm you can enjoy our Happy Hour with discounted prices of long drinks and cocktails or a few solid versions of the classic Italian aperitivo!

  • Long drinks @ €5
  • Cocktails @ €6
  • Aperitivo Classico @ €8 - Aperol Spritz + bruschette miste, patatine, noccioline
  • Aperitivo Scozzese @ €9 - Bloody Mary + bruschette con haggis, patatine, noccioline
  • Aperitivo Spagnolo @ €9 - Mojito + gazpacho con topping di uova, cetrioli, prosciutto crudo, crostini di pane e patatine
  • Aperitivo Mexicano @ €9 - Margarita + tortilla chips con salse, olive, bruschetta con chili con carne

You can edit the 'Aperitivo' formula and replace the suggested drinks above with any of our standard cocktails. Enjoy!