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Summer food and drink menu

We serve breakfast on Saturday and Sunday - this deal can easily be treated as a brunch too because we can serve it past midday. Just in case you were looking for a proper bacon, eggs and sausage breakfast in Rome - we got it. Bearing in mind we do this only through the weekends we prefer to know if you intend to take advantage. So, please try to get in touch upfront and give us a notice that you will coming over - it will make it easier for us to deliver.

Traditional Scottish breakfast - a solid meal that will make you skip lunch even. You can't miss it if you happen to be in town - whether you come down to watch sports or just because of the breakfast itself.... But yes, the good old haggis accompanied by eggs, sausages and bacon cannot get any better!

In case you don't feel like eating eggs and sausages for breakfast we can set up a platter of typical continental morning meal for you. Cheese and cold cuts, toast and fruit, a glass of orange juice - all the necessary delicacies for a healthy morning meal.