Highlander Pub shows every major appointment of American Sports upon request - we can broadcast up to 7 games at the same time! 

So, if you were wondering where to watch your game Highlander Pub is going to be the place! This page is exclusively dedicated to the schedles of the games from NFL (American Football), NCAA College Football, NCAA College Basketball, NBA, NHL and MLB. 

Note that the schedule of the games listed below is constantly updated and if you happen to not see the game you are looking forward to watch just shoot us a message to double check if we could broadcast it!

The ones in bold are definitely televised. For any of the games that are marked with the "upon request" you need to call us at +39 0668805368 or +39 0645447204 or email us at [email protected] and make further arrangements! 

In the past 10 years The Highlander Pub has turned into a proper home of The American Football! No other bar in Rome has the ability to broadcast as many games simultaneously! We are fully dedicated to The Ultimate Fans of the game!

We are in the anticipation of the upcoming season in the NFL the NCAA college football. Consider that we will be covering up to 3 college games at a time and up to 4 games from the NFL regular season scheduled to start on Sunday at 1pm (Eastern Time). We can also stay open for the games scheduled to start after 2am Roman Time. If you would like to watch any of these games you must make a reservation and arrive at the bar by 1:30am! Our general closing time is at 2am but we can stay open as long as the games that start after that hour have been requested. Don't miss out! 

Bear in mind that this NFL season we can show up to 4 games simultaneously in addition to the Red Zone channel. 

Sunday, September 15th, 2019


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For all the fantasy football freaks:


Starting at 7pm

Vikings @ Packers *(REQUESTED)

Seahawks @ Steelers *(REQUESTED)

Patriots @ Dolphins *(REQUESTED)


Bills @ Giants *(REQUESTED)

49ers @ Bengals *(Upon request)


Chargers @ Lions *(Upon request)


Colts @ Titans *(Upon request)


Cowboys @ Redskins *(Upon request)


Cardinals @ Ravens *(Upon request)


Jaguars @ Texans *(Upon request) 

 How it works:

You tip in 5 Euro to participate! You need to circle the winning team considering the “–“ points in the Handicap column

Only the games from 7 pm Roman Time are listed here! Those of you willing to participate need to be at the bar and circle the teams by 7 pm!!!

The player with the highest result collects the jackpot after the end of all the games (approximately by 10:15 pm)

If there is more than 1 person with the highest result or if there is a tie at the top then the jackpot is split in even parts among the winning players!

PK = Pick... No favorite, no underdog... A point spread of zero.

Starting at 10:05pm

Chiefs @ Raiders *(Upon request)

Starting at 10:25pm

Bears @ Broncos *(Upon Request)

Saints @ Rams *(REQUESTED)

Starting at 2:20am *(Monday morning)

Eagles @ Falcons *(Upon Request)

Monday, September 16th, 2019


Starting at 2:15am *(Tuesday morning)

Browns @ Jets *(Upon Request)





* upon request - the games that are marked "upon request" need to be requested at least a couple of hours before the start of those. Once you request them you need to be at The Highlander at least 30 minutes before kick off time (or, for the late games 30 min before our closing time)! We cannot guarantee their broadcasting on our screens if you arrive at The Highlander in the last minute before their start or even worse - when they have already started


** already requested - the games that have been "already requested" might not be necessarily televised if the people who have requested them fail to arrive 30 min prior to the start of those games (or, for the late games 30 before the closing time). Generally those games coincide with many other venues and sometimes other guests end up requesting additional events in the last minute. Certainly we accomodate them in case the customers who have made the original requests do not show up.