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The 2021 edition of the Rugby Six Nations Cup has been confirmed. There was a bit of uncertainty around the schedule but eventually the traditional execution in February and March is the one we have again. Unfortunately at this stage there is no guarantee that people will be allowed in the stadiums but surely the matches will be televised and if you happen to be in Rome and you would like to watch them we should be up and running provided no restrictions for bars are being applied. In any case the covid pandemic has placed a lot of questions regarding the smooth operation of the tournament.

Italy will be hosting 3 games at Olimpico in Rome . The first match is on Saturday, February 6th against France. The second is against Ireland on February, 27th. And the final home appointment is on March 13th against Wales.

The Highlander will be broadcasting all the matches from the tournament with live English commentary, underlining again if no restrictions are applied. Let's cross fingers that we can be allowed to stay open past 6pm. If you intend to watch any of the games at our establishment we advise you to get in touch with via email, via instragram or facebook messenger. You can also contact us through WhatsApp, Viber or Telegram at +39 3287653883

Through the weekends of the tournament whein italy is hosting games in Rome we open at 11AM and we serve breakfast. Breakfast is available only via booking in advance (at least 24 hours ahead of time) Click on the image below to see our menu:

Below is the full schedule of all the games left to be played:

Round 1

Saturday, February 5th 2022

Starting at 15:15

Ireland vs Wales

Starting at 17:45

Scotland vs England

Sunday, February 6th 2022

Starting at 16:00

France vs Italy

Round 2

Saturday, February 12th 2022

Starting at 15:15

Wales vs Scotland

Starting at 17:45

France vs Ireland

Sunday, February 13th 2022

Starting at 16:00

Italy vs England

Round 3

Saturday, February 26th 2022

Starting at 15:15

Scotland vs France

Starting at 17:45

England vs Wales

Sunday, February 27th 2022

Starting at 16:00

Ireland vs Italy

Round 4

Friday, March 11th 2022

Starting at 21:00

Wales vs France

Saturday, March 12th 2022

Starting at 15:15

Italy vs Scotland

Starting at 17:45

England vs Ireland

Round 5

Saturday, March 19th 2022

Starting at 15:15

Wales vs Italy

Starting at 17:45

Ireland vs Scotland

Starting at 21:00

France vs England